Photo of Eleanor Lambert

Hi, I'm Eleanor.

I live in Newcastle with my partner and daughter, our two cats, and my backyard hive of around 30,000 bees.

Having worked as a Physiotherapist for over half a decade, I have a unique perspective into the anatomical, physiological, and whole-body changes that occur during pregnancy and birth.

As a doula in Newcastle, NSW, I am a passionate and authentic advocate for informed and supported birth, working with evidence-based knowledge and genuine care to help my clients navigate the available choices and find their voice amongst all the noise.

I believe in creating open and honest discussion around the challenges of this time, and ensuring that you are aware of, and encouraged, to explore the different options available to you in both your pregnancy care and how you choose to welcome your child.

It is not my role, nor my desire, to push you towards one option or another. I do not care whether you want to birth at home or at a hospital. I do not care if you choose midwifery care or an obstetrician. The only thing I care about is that you are confident and supported; that you have the opportunity to ask questions and feel like they are answered; that you travel through this journey with a sense of preparedness and love. ♥