Birth education + debriefing

Pregnancy, birth, or postpartum brainstorming call

(From $95 for 60mins)

A little snippet of time to chat through any burning questions or concerns.

Private Education Sessions

(From $415)

Whether you are a first time parent, or preparing for a VBAC, these sessions are the perfect option for adding that extra depth of knowledge to your birth preparation.

Tailored to your specific questions or knowledge-gaps, these are guided by what you and your partner need - no question is too outlandish, and no knowledge is too basic. What you need, these sessions will cover.

✨ online, self-paced birth education course launching January 2024! ✨

Birth Debrief

(From $230)

How you feel about your birth experience is important. Not only how you might prepare for any future experiences, but in how you recall that experience for the rest of your life.

Often we don’t feel comfortable opening up to our partner, or our friends, or our family; whether this is because we fear how it will impact them emotionally, or because we don’t want to revisit that vulnerability ourselves.

A debrief focuses on working through your previous experience, processing any emotional blocks, and giving you the opportunity to release any emotional tension and grieve.