Pregnancy + birth packages

Paper Daisy (From $1350)

Not in my local area? Having twins and unsure of when you will deliver? Looking for support during your pregnancy only? Maybe you need to process and debrief a previous birth experience? Maybe you are planning for a VBAC and feeling unsupported?

Maybe you are looking for a deeper knowledge of birth and your body, and would like resources and guidance in how to plan for your birth?

Removing the constraints of location, and the unpredictable nature of your baby's estimated due date, this virtual doula offering uses the wonder of the internet to ensure that wherever you are, and whenever your labour starts, I'll be in your pocket - ready to help in whatever way I can.

Paper daisy flower icon

Flannel Flower (From $2450)

Starting as early as you want, or as late as you discover your need for a doula, this offering is all about ensuring you feel in the know about everything you need to know. We meet multiple times during your pregnancy to discuss whatever it is that YOU need. This could be pregnancy education, exploration of your options within and outside the birthing system, the impact of hormones during labour, active birthing strategies, writing a birth map, planning for your postpartum, debriefing any previous birth experiences, or simply chatting through any concerns that may arise.

I will be on-call and ready to hold that space for you. I am there to support YOU in the birth that YOU desire. Home birth, hospital birth; whatever you need to feel empowered and heard. You ring, I'll be there.

After your baby is born, we meet to chat through your experience and to ensure you are set up for a supported postpartum.


  • two antenatal preparation sessions
  • 24/7 on-call from 38 weeks for 2 weeks
  • one postpartum visit
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Silver Banksia (From $3150)

With the same framework as the Flannel Flower, this package is for those who want just a little bit extra. Including additional prenatal meetings, a designated planning session to ensure your first forty days postpartum are everything you need them to be, extra postnatal visits, and a 60 minute full body massage in the comfort of your own home - this offering is all you need, and then some more.


  • three antenatal preparation sessions
  • 24/7 on-call from 38 weeks for 3 weeks
  • two postpartum visits
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Ruby Protea (From $4850)

Adding to the building blocks of Silver Banksia - the absolute top tier of support.


  • four antenatal preparation sessions
  • 24/7 on-call from 38 weeks for 3 weeks
  • four postpartum visits
  • Unlimited Voxer voice messaging until 3 months postpartum
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