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An online birth education course that helps you feel informed and empowered as you prepare for the birth of your child.

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Featuring eight modules covering the essentials of birth knowledge, the online format allows learning at your own pace, around your schedule, and in the comfort of your own home.

EMPOWER ensures that you and your birth partner understand the fundamentals of the wondrous but sometimes confusing, challenging, and overwhelming time that is pregnancy, labour and birth.

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“Eleanor really is the whole package! She really helped us to shift our mindset for birth, taught us how to advocate for ourselves and helped us to be confident and calm in our decisions for labouring our way.”

What you'll learn

Through EMPOWER you will come to understand the processes of labour, what is happening within your body, and what you can do to assist it; including:

  • the stages of labour and what is happening to your body at each step along the way
  • how your hormones control the show, from bringing on contractions to lessening your pain
  • the power of setting up your environment to support your hormones and bring balance
  • why we need to better understand the different types of pain and work with it, not against it
  • how cervical dilation actually works and how movement can help it
  • different types of pain-management options, both non-pharmacological and pharmacological
  • the best position to birth in, and how your positioning changes your bones
  • the most common interventions and how they may impact your birth
  • how to put it all together to create a birth map

And so much more.

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  • Lifetime course access
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What's included

8 in-depth modules covering the essentials of birth knowledge.

EMPOWER booklet featuring detailed explanations of module highlights.

Workbook pages for each module for you to jot down notes.

Lifetime access to all of EMPOWER course content and any future updates.

The opportunity to add a 70 minute private zoom session to troubleshoot any questions.

Knowledge truly is power.

“I found out about Eleanor through her work as a physio.. early on I had made the conscious decision to wrap as much support around me as I could being a first time mum. I decided that I would do the birth preparation course for my Husband and I. We had our initial zoom then an in person visit and Eleanor was just incredible. Her wealth of knowledge was absolutely mind blowing. She went through everything I needed to know with such care for detail in every scenario and situation making sure that I knew what I could ask for and do while in labour. My husband found this visit so helpful and it was so reassuring how included he was in this process as he would be the one supporting me through my labour. A few short days later I had to be induced due to foetal distress, while this was a scary process- through the whole labour and delivery my husband and I knew what was happening and the knowledge to respond to the changing situation. I honestly couldn't have been able to have a mentally and physically successful delivery if I did not have her give me the courage and knowledge from Eleanor and for this I will always be thankful.”

“I can’t thank Eleanor enough for the education she provided us as we prepared for our first baby. Eleanor is knowledgeable, passionate and provides information in a way that is easy to understand. Birth can be so scary as a first time parent but Eleanor was able to give us information in a way that made us feel comfortable and at ease. The best thing was that the things she taught us were so easy to recall during the labour so we felt empowered the whole time. Eleanor knows things that we never would have thought to ask! I would recommend her to every parent starting their pregnancy and birth journey.”

“Eleanor is simply amazing when it comes to guiding expectant parents through the journey of childbirth and understanding women’s bodies. Talking to her was like reconnecting with a dear old friend who happens to be an expert in this field. What truly impressed us was how comfortable both my partner and I felt in her presence. Eleanor created a safe space where we could openly ask any question without fear of judgement. She patiently laid out all the information on the table, leaving no card unturned. We appreciate her genuine support and thorough explanations, which have truly empowered us in this beautiful phase of our lives. This was our second child and I understood things that I didn’t have idea with my first, this information was so empowering to have! We got an amazing second time delivery and I’m sure she played a key role in it! 🤍✨”

“My husband and I completed a birth education session with Eleanor in preparation for the birth of our first child, and my word was it so incredibly thorough and informative! Eleanor went above and beyond in ensuring we had the knowledge to make informed, evidence-based decisions during our antenatal care and labour and was very generous with her time, kindly answering additional questions we had along the way. She also provided us with some written resources that we could refer back to around birth preparation and labour. Because of Eleanor’s input, we felt empowered in the choices we made in advocating for myself and our little boy during labour when things took a turn away from ‘ideal’, and that in itself is priceless. We would definitely recommend tapping into Eleanor’s wisdom and experience in the birthing space with her birth education support, particularly if you are pregnant with your first bub or wanting to feel more informed for a subsequent pregnancy.”

“Having Eleanor help prepare us for birth was the best decision I made. She was able to help us with concerns we had specific to our situation. Eleanor came to our home and helped prepare us for our birth by helping us with a birth “map”, showed us hands on strategies for my husband to support me during labour, and she gave us a number of useful products, tools and resources to help us prepare. I had the most amazing, positive birth experience because Eleanor helped me understand “pain with a purpose”, she instilled confidence in me that my body was “designed to birth”. Her birth map exercise was incredibly helpful to ensure I was educated on all the potential things that could occur during labour and made me feel confident in my choices around each and every possible thing that might occur. My OB and midwife in my labour later said they were impressed with my birth map which Eleanor helped me create. Eleanor was there at the drop of a hat for any questions or concerns I had. I have and will continue to recommend her to any of my pregnant friends. I can’t thank you enough Eleanor for being a part of our birth story!”

“Eleanor knows her stuff! I met up with her when I was 35 weeks pregnant with a "big baby". I had an induction booked which I felt nervous about. She helped me understand the process and create a birth map for induction as well as spontaneous labour. The conversation with Eleanor was a great mix of information, strategies, stories, and reassurance. She answered all my questions and then some! I ended up going in to spontaneous labour and with the strategies we had discussed had a really positive birth experience. Now I just have her voice in my head telling me how important postpartum rest is!”

Hi, I’m Eleanor

Passionate about all things women’s health, birth, pregnancy, and postpartum, I am what some would label a ‘birth nerd’. Through my work as a doula and women’s health physiotherapist I have had many conversations, with many parents-to-be, about their worries, concerns, knowledge-gaps, and mental blank-pages as they approach the unknown of labour and birth.

That is why I have created EMPOWER.

I truly believe knowledge is power, and the more we know the less we fear. I’ve collated my own experiences, as a mother of two, with my professional experiences in both the birth-world and as a women’s health clinician, and put it all together in EMPOWER so that YOU can be as prepared as possible.

We can’t control labour and birth, but we can control how we approach it, how we manage the challenges it throws at us, and control the choices we make along the way. I believe in creating open and honest discussion around the unknowns of this time, and ensuring that you are aware of, and encouraged, to explore the different options available to you in both your pregnancy care and how you choose to welcome your child.

Photo of Eleanor Lambert

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to enrol for EMPOWER?

Anytime! Couples often find the information is more “real” around the mid to late second-trimester/early third trimester, but there is no right or wrong time to learn. And you get lifetime access to EMPOWER so you can watch it as many times as you like!

What does EMPOWER teach me?

EMPOWER isn’t here to teach you how to birth, or tell you what you need to do. The course has been created to give you the information so that your birth choices are informed and come from a place of power.

How is the course delivered?

Eight video modules are accompanied by worksheets and a course booklet. You can start from any module, and replay any particular section as many times as you need.

Will you update the course in the future?

Yes, I plan to continue adding more and more information into EMPOWER over its lifetime, however with lifetime access you will be able to view these updates too! Even better if you plan on adding to your family in the years to come.

Who's it for?

If you want to understand labour at a base level.

If you are looking for independent birth education that doesn’t have an agenda.

If you feel like you just want to know what is going on during labour and how you can work with your body, not against it.

Then EMPOWER is for you!

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